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04. Civil Partners


Unmarried Couples


Unmarried Couples Will Newcastle upon tyne

Unmarried Couples who are not in a civil partnership have no legal entitlement and therefore may be disinherited entirely if they do not have Wills in place.

Living together with a life partner has become a normal way of our modern-day life for many. So much so, that it would be reasonable to assume that the law has also made provisions for those unmarried couples. However, this is not the case, they are not covered.


Some may not know that living with a partner, regardless of the length of time, does not mean that the surviving partner will inherit. If one dies without having made a Will, the surviving partner may be left with nothing.

Because of this, and due to the unknown possibilities of life, Wills are an essential document to have in these circumstances. Despite the age of a couple or the financial circumstances, the reassurance that a loved partner and family will be looked after is a peace of mind.

At Goldsborough-Pike, Grainger & Co. we understand that changes happen and look to the future so that our clients don't have to. With our combined years of experience in this area, we are here to help put our clients' minds at rest and create a document that can be changed throughout their lifetime to help ensure that their nearest and dearest will be included in their last wishes.

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Unmarried Couples Will

Civil Partnership Will

When you enter into a Civil Partnership in England or Wales, any Will that you already had in place in England or Wales will automatically become void. The only way to prevent this from happening is to make your Will 'in contemplation' of your Civil Partnership, naming the person that you intend to enter into a Civil Partnership with.

This means that if you enter into a Civil Partnership and your Will hasn't been made 'in contemplation' of this, then your existing Will won't be recognised by the law when you die. The law will consider you to have died without having a valid Will in place at all, which is called dying 'intestate,' and in this situation, inheritance laws called the Rules of Intestacy will determine who should inherit what from you.

At Goldsborough-Pike, Grainger & Co. we will guide you through the Will drafting process to ensure your Will gives you peace of mind that your loved ones receive what you want them to receive.

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Civil Partnership Will
Our existing clients are important to us, so our aftercare includes:

A phone call away

Any questions after signing your new Wills are dealt with as an important factor for us. You can speak to one of our friendly support staff, or your advisor, who are always more than happy to help.

Free Amendments*

We all know that life circumstances can change all too quickly, therefore, we offer the ability to change your Will as many times as you wish within the first year (*usual charge of £25 admin fee after the first 12 months).


We appreciate that a Will is not something you or the family wants to deal with until it is needed. We therefore always advise storing it with us so that it will not be lost or damaged and so that we can be there to talk the family through the next steps. 


We want to keep you included and up-to-date with any changes in the law and further things that may interest you.

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